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Husband, Uncle, Father of two and Brother.  Although I didn't live here growing up, I was taught some of life's most important lessons on nearby Farms from my Father's Brothers and Sister.  The value of Family and of hard work.  From a struggling adolescent to an accomplished Business man, to this day, these lessons have been the driving force in my life and I hope to pass them along to my children.


Very sentimental place for me and my family.  My Father and his immediate family grew up on a near by Farm and lived hard on these lands.  We were fortunate enough to buy the Farm in 2013 when Mrs. Roberts passed and had no next of kin to will to.  Although there was a TON of work to do, it has become a center for my family to return home.  My father was killed in an accident in 2009, so its even more meaningful for my sister and I to bring our families close together and stay connected to our/his family.  We couldn't have done it without the help of our uncles and aunt (and their children) who most are nearby and are always there to lend a hand.  For that we are grateful!  No matter how far we go in this world, we visit frequently to stay connected to my family and always remember where we came from.  We hope you will experience the same love for the property and feel the love that surrounds the place.

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